Drink Menu

So many beers! Not only do we have multiple ever-changing taps, but a wide selection of bottled and canned beers for your pleasure.

surf_squares_dark DAILY HAPPY HOUR surf_squares_dark

$1 Off Micros

$3 Wells

$5 or $7 Slice of Cheese Pizza and a Pint

$15 Large Cheese Pizza and Pitcher of PBR


surf_squares_dark NIGHTLY DRINK SPECIALS surf_squares_dark

$1.50 High Life
$4 Moscow Mule

Happy Hour All Night

$1.50 PBR
$3 Jim or Jerry

$1.50 cans
$2 Jager

$2 Surfer on Acid

$6 Corona/Cuervo

$4 You Call It


surf_squares_dark SUMMER SEASONALS surf_squares_dark

French 77
A sexy grown love affair –
Bombay Sapphire, fresh lemon, & Prosecco with a kiss of St. Germain elderflower liqueur.

Seasonal Depression
Storm’s a-brewin’…and this one’s a doozy.
Myer’s Dark rum, Bacardi Light, passion fruit, OJ & pineapple.

Perfect for swashbuckling the high seas.
Malibu, pineapple, dolphin sweat.

TFW you swashbuckle too much and crash your boat…
Kraken black rum, fresh lime, ginger beer, black currant.
Single $5
Double $8

Skankin’ Cucumber
Cool, crisp, and delicious.
Coppermuse Cucumber Vodka with a subtle hint of watermelon schnapps, soda, lime.
Single $5
Double $8

The Russian Connection
and I really mean that, folks. It’s gonna be great.
You’re gonna love it BIGLY.
Stoli Vanilla, coconut cream, orange.
Single $5
Double $8

Corvette Summer
Grab your shades, and hop in…
Cuervo silver, Grapefruit juice, Soda, Lime
Single $5
Double $8

surf_squares_dark SIGNATURE DRINKS surf_squares_dark

Apple Ginger Bucktail
Refreshing apple whiskey drink with ginger beer
Single $5
Double $8

Agent Orange
Vodka cocktail with pineapple juice and orange soda
Single $5
Double $8

Denim Demon
A blue rum cocktail with a tropical fruit twist

Dark Side Cherry Cola
Cherry flavored vodka cocktail with spicy cola
Single $5
Double $8

Moscow Mule
Spring 44 vodka, limes and ginger beer served in a copper mug

surf_squares_dark HOUSE SHOTS surf_squares_dark

Red Death
Sweet and spicy kamikaze with a dash of Tabasco
Surfer on Acid
Jagermeister, Malibu rum and pineapple juice

surf_squares_dark BEER LIST surf_squares_dark

PBR (4.7% ABV) $2
Bud Light (4.2% ABV) $3
New Belgium Brewing
Fat Tire Amber Ale (5.2% ABV) $4
Sunshine Wheat (4.8% ABV) $4
Seasonal Rotating Tap ( just ask !)
Odell Brewing Co.
IPA (7% ABV) $ 5
Cutthroat Nitro Porter (5% ABV) $5
Drumroll APA $4
Seasonal Rotating Tap ( just ask !)
Crooked Stave Rotating Tap $6
Horse & Dragon Rotating Tap ( just ask !)
Left Hand Rotating Tap ( just ask !)
Summit Dry Cider (6.3% ABV) $6
Funkwerks Provincial (4.2% ABV) $6
Stone Ripper Pale Ale (7.2% ABV) $6

Hamm’s $2
Old Style $2
Olympia $2
Old Milwaukee $2
Rainier 16oz Tallboys $3
90 Schilling $4
Myrcenary $5
STEM Cider Remedy Dry-Hopped Cider $4

Miller High Life $2
Lone Star $2
Coors Light $3
Miller Lite $3
Corona $3
Pacifico $3
Coors Banquet $3
Session Red $3
Mike’s Hard Lemonade $3
Woodchuck Amber Cider $3
Coors N/A $3
Budweiser 16oz $4
Newcastle Brown Ale $4
Not Your Father’s Root Beer $4
Strongbow Cider $4
5 Barrel $4
Easy Street $4

Beer list subject to change based on availability