IAN SWEET and Peaer | Tuesday, March 24 2020

Drop-Off Productions Presents:
Tuesday, March 24, 2020
$12, $15 DOS, 21+ Doors, 8PM

Drop-Off Productions proudly presents the undeniably hooky, nervy indie pop of IAN SWEET. Inspired by the synth-heavy sway of Peter Gabriel and the gruffness of Crass, Ian Sweet veers here into the noisier side of dream pop, immediately seeking its darker corners. IAN SWEET has been the source of and solution to many of Jilian Medford’s deepest anxieties. But now, two years after her soul-bearing debut LP Shapeshifter, Medford is confronting that reality with surprising optimism on her new full-length Crush Crusher released via Hardly Art. After relocating to Los Angeles, Medford decided to make the project a solo endeavor once again (as it had been in her salad days in the Boston DIY scene) and took the opportunity to compose some of her most self reflective and emotionally analytical songs to date. Alone for Crush Crusher, Medford tries something different: a softer, breathier delivery that elongates in pools of reverb. Lyrically, the album is about insecurities and the burden of carrying a loved one’s feelings (see “Ugly/Bored” or “Borrowed Body”), but the straightforward way Medford sings about those subjects spotlights an increasing self-assurance that bolsters her words. Crush Crusher captures IAN SWEET during a growth spurt, and, in spite of some growing pains, Medford embraces the change, pushing herself as a singer, songwriter, and musician pursuing independence. Joining Medford on tour is Brooklyn-based Slowcore band, Peaer. Listening to Peaer is like watching someone swiftly solve a complicated math equation with grace. Each moment is executed with precision, care, and a chessmaster’s foresight for how it will serve a later part of the arrangement. Every note, and every space between the notes, is priceless to the composition of the song. For a band comprised of two studio engineers and a guitar teacher, their music is naturally methodical—but not at all rigid or inaccessibly convoluted. Their new album A Healthy Earth is profoundly introspective, genuine, and colorful. A sensational balance between meticulous sonic construction and self-analytical lyrics that open up into thought-provoking social commentary. Tightly-knit slowcore reveries swell into post-punk explosions, barely-there melodies tangle to the point of dissonance. Peaer’s knotty and fascinating third LP delves into the question of what makes daily life so unnecessarily difficult. Every song on A Healthy Earth could function as an essay prompt, and like a good issue of The New Yorker or The Baffler, these divergent intellectual exercises are bound by a general thematic and philosophical coherence: That said, it’s still a rock record, one that works within subgenres of indie rock that frequently deny themselves visceral pleasures—slowcore, math-y DC post-punk. Peaer are now a tour-tested three-piece that have somehow gotten tighter and looser, the way bands do when it’s clear that they enjoy each other’s company. The bands guitar figures and vocals take counterintuitive steps towards dissonant note clusters before righting themselves into delightful sing-song melodies, incisive and meticulous in nature, Peaer make the case that even a kind of shitty life is worth examining. This is a 21+ show at the world famous Surfside 7, Tuesday, March 24 – Tickets will be available online at www.surfsideseven.com, the ticketing link above and the bar beginning Friday, January 10.

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